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Royal Roos

Royal Roos, focusses on marine engineering, salvage consultancy, preparation and supervision of demanding repair and modifications projects for dredging, offshore and the marine industry in general. As one of the first launching customers of the CFAM Prime, they expanded their business with 3D printed applications for the maritime sector. With Royal3D, subsidiary company of Royal Roos, they provide print services in their industry.


Royal Roos and CEAD were neighbors in the former building where CEAD was located. During their time together, Fulko Roos, founder of Royal Roos, saw great potential in the development of CFAM and the team behind it. Royal Roos develops new products for the maritime industry, a challenging market with complex issues. "We want to bring innovations to the market quickly", says Roos. "Fast and accurate 3D printing of large and strong (ship) parts was so far not possible. With this new 3D printer this will work. We are, for example, investigating how to use this technology to produce gangways. 3D printing is not only fast, but, if linked parametric design, you can also calculate the cost price in advance. Moreover, it is possible to recycle materials." Roos sees many applications with the CFAM Prime.  


Royal Roos is currently using the CFAM Prime for printing models of ships for resistance and motion tests in a basin. Normally these models are made of wood and are for the greater part handmade. With the CFAM Prime these models can be made a lot faster and cheaper.

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